Professional Classroom


Monographic Study Lab / Photonic technique lab(E720A)

This lab provides graduate students and undergraduate students with fiber, optical and electronic equipment for doing study and research.
1.   Individual study for undergraduate students
2.  Research for graduate students
3.  Research project 

Junior, senior and graduate students.

Major equipment:
Optical spectrum analyzer, He-Ne laser, Lock-in amplifier, phase and frequency modulators.

course items:
Individual study and research project

Core Competence:
1. Ability of analyzing and Practicing technology by expertise

2. Ability of analyzing and Practicing technology by Mathematical tool
Ability of analyzing and Practicing technology by computer software and networking
4. Ability of analyzing and Practicing technology by program designing
Ability of implementing computer and communication by expertise skill
6. Ability of understanding and acknowledging technology by foreign language and writing skill
Ability of communication and coordination
8. Ability of acknowledging occupation ethics

Achievement of ndividual study:
1. Rotation counter
2. Optical target
3. Optical signal preamplifier
4. Electronic fishing net
5. Fiber coupled optical powermeter
6. Optical align indicator

 Research project for graduate students
1.  2-D interferometric ellipsometry
2. Interferometric measurement of displacement with maximum likelihood method.

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