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    Entry YearPublicationAuthor
    20112011,E94-D,11,pp2184-2190 (SCI),(EI)Cheng-Min Lin
    2011C. M. Lee C. N. Ko,2011,Short-term load forecasting using lifting scheme and ARIMA models,Expert Systems With Applications,38,5,pp5902-5911 (SCI)Cheng-Ming Lee
    20102010,Vol. 11, No. 7,pp1031-1040 (SCI)Yih Haw Jan
    20102010,DIWSAN : Distributed Intelligent Wireless Sensor and Actuator Network for Heterogeneous Environment,E93-D,9,pp2534-2544 (SCI),(EI)Jyh-Horng Lin
    20102010,49,27,pp5103-5109 (SCI)H.K. Teng
    20102010,93-D,9,pp2509-2519 (SCI),(EI)Cheng-Min Lin
    20102010,Recent Developments and Experimental Guidelines in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks,4,2,pp105-115 (EI)Jyh-Horng Lin
    20102010,283,pp2394-2401 (SCI)H.K. Teng
    20102010,93-D,9,pp2534-2543 (SCI),(EI)Cheng-Min Lin
    20102010,93-B,8,pp2171-2175 (SCI),(EI)Cheng-Min Lin
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