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1 Months 15 Days Ago
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2022-10-23 AM 2:01
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2022-07-06 PM 10:20
5 Months 6 Days Ago
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5 Months 6 Days Ago
2022-07-03 PM 8:54
5 Months 6 Days Ago
2022-07-03 PM 8:52
5 Months 6 Days Ago
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2022-07-03 PM 8:30
5 Months 14 Days Ago
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7 Months 13 Days Ago
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2022-04-28 AM 10:27
8 Months 13 Days Ago

This latter study also found that a desire to assist birds to survive through winter, as well as simply observing the birds behavior, were strong drivers.They compared people who did not feed, those who fed irregularly, and those who fed regularly, and found a strong relationship between level of participation and feelings of relaxation and connectedness with nature.A more complete understanding of the motivations underlying bird feeding would facilitate communication of bet practice among the bird feeding public while also developing routes for engagement with nonbird feeding citizens.Thus, the aim of this study was to attempt a detailed identification and analysis of all of the major motivations for feeding wild birds that operate alongside the themes already found.To achieve this, a combination of qualitative and quantitative techniques was used to question bird feeding participants in south-east England.There was no discrimination on the basis of ethnicity or social status although minimum quotas of participants of both sexes and across different age classes were required in the qualitative study.It was assumed that respondents in the quantitative study had access to a computer.The qualitative component was undertaken to understand the motivations and triggers for feeding birds.An in-depth format was selected to allow respondents to be interviewed at home, providing an informal environment and context for the discussion.Interviews were undertaken with adults who had fed birds in the last week at their home.A semistructured questionnaire guide was used to direct the interviews.Quantitative information was obtained through the use of an online questionnaire.Chi-square tests were used to examine differences between groups of respondents split by age, sex, geographical location, or wildlife group membership.If statistical significance was found, posthoc analyses using the standardized residuals identified differences between groups.When collapsing tables the Yates continuity correction for one degree of freedom was automatically employed in R.Upon the completion of the qualitative interviews, a detailed subjective assessment of the notes was undertaken by DC to identify themes for development of the subsequent questionnaire., I feed birds for their survival was categorized as bird survival; I like to see things grow as nurture; I see them as my pets as companionship; etc.Evaluating the responses to the motivations component of the interviews of bird feeding participants indicated that many respondents often had several motivations to which they attached different levels of importance.Nine major motivational themes were identified from the qualitative responses and these were incorporated into specific questions in the quantitative questionnaire.These themes are outlined here along with indicative quotations from respondents.This pleasure appeared to be associated with both seeing and hearing birds.For interviewees with children it was noted that they often spoke of wanting their child/children to be educated about birds and nature in their own family environment.During the qualitative stage respondents were given the opportunity to describe the influences and triggers for their bird feeding by exploring their personal history of the pastime.However, there was a clear majority of respondents who fed year-round.Significantly, conservation organizations, particularly the RSPB, were nominated as the second most important influence by exactly half of all respondents.Within this context, our study demonstrates that bird feeding has the ability to provide a straightforward means of providing access and connection to nature and highlights the link between gardens and bird feeding.The most noteworthy general outcome of our study was the depth of feeling expressed by participants, both interviewees and survey respondents.This detection of a significant emotional component of what is a popular and familiar pastime suggests a strong and enduring engagement on the part of participants.These statements are strongly indicative of the personal and positive impact of bird feeding on the lives of many people.The primary contribution of our investigation was, however, a more detailed articulation of the various motivations underlying participation in bird feeding in south-east England, a capacity based on the effective combination of qualitative and quantitative methodologies.An important element of our approach was to attempt to elicit the historical background to feeding from interviewees.Central to the dynamic of anthropocentric and ecocentric motivations is the expression of a need to be close to nature.Our results revealed that having access to a garden was a primary trigger for feeding birds, emphasizing the importance of gardens in facilitating access to nature.Furthermore, for some interviewees the practice of gardening itself was closely connected to feeding birds and a reflection of the nurture motivation.In response to this, Smith et al.Our study also found that childrens education was an important motivator for respondents with children.This study 2022-03-28 PM 7:30

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