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 Railway applications – Track – Road-rail machines, and associated equipment - Part 2. General safety requirementsSIST EN15746-2:2021

This document identifies the major hazards, dangerous situations, and events that self-propelled road-rail vehicles - hereafter referred to collectively as machines – face due to their adaptation for use on urban and railway networks. These machines can be used for inspection, maintenance, and construction of railway infrastructure. They can also be used to shunt and rescue emergency vehicles.

This document explains the hazards involved in assembly, installation, commissioning and travelling on and off-track, as well as how to use the machine, including programming, setting up, changingover and cleaning. Have a look the CEN Standards, CEN is the European Committee for Standardization for confirmation


This document does not address any special measures that may be required in exceptional circumstances. These measures can be negotiated between the manufacturer and the operator.

These hazards include both the general hazards that machines present and the specific hazards associated with the machine functions.

A) Excavating

b) ballast tamping, ballast cleaning, ballast regulating, ballast consolidating;

c) Track construction, renewal maintenance and repair

d) Lifting

e) Overhead contact line renewal/maintenance

f) Maintenance of infrastructure components

g) Inspection and measurement of components of the infrastructure

h) working in tunnels;

i) Shunting

j) vegetation control;

k) Emergency Rescue and Recovery

During commissioning, use maintenance, and servicing.

It is assumed that a road-rail vehicle can be converted to an EU road-permissible host vehicle. This document does not address this aspect unless it is stated in a specific clause.

This document doesn't deal with:

1) Specifications regarding the quality of work performed and machine performance

2) Machines that use the contact line system to traction;

3) Specific requirements set by a rail Infrastructure Manager or Urban Rail manager

4) Negotiations between the machine operator and the manufacturer for any additional or alternate requirements.

5) Requirements for the use and transportation of the machine on a public highway

6) Air pressure hazards caused by high-speed passing

Trains traveling at speeds exceeding 190 km/h

7) Specific requirements that may be required in extreme circumstances, such as extreme ambient temperature (tropical or Polar), see 5.30.

8) Highly corrosive and contaminating environment (e.g. because of the presence or potential for chemical reactions;

9) Potentially explosive atmospheres

See Annex E for details on other special machines that are used on railway tracks.


Safety - Forestry machinery - Woodchippers

SIST EN 13525 2020

This document outlines safety requirements and verifies them for construction and design of, i.e. Self-propelled, semi-mounted, and trailed wood chippers for use in agriculture, forestry, and landscaping.

This document is for stationary chippers that are manually loaded with wood via a horizontal or close to horizontal infeed chute. The infeed action is performed either by the chipping parts acting as infeed elements or separate integrated infeed component such as conveyors or rollers integral to the chute. You can power wood chippers with hydraulics, external power, or by a combination of both. Alternatively, an integral power source like an internal combustion engine can be used.


Safety requirements for hearing protectors - Part 8: Entertainment audio headphones

SIST EN 352-8:2021

This European Standard applies to entertainment ear-muffs. This European Standard specifies the requirements for construction, design, performance and marking, as well as user information, in relation to the inclusion or removal of an entertainment audio facility.


Safety requirements for hearing protectors - Part 10: Entertainment earplugs

SIST EN 352-10:2021

This European Standard applies to entertainment earplugs. This European Standard specifies the requirements for construction, design and performance as well as user information.


Extended application of test results to fire resistance and/or smoke suppression for door, shutter, and openable window assemblies - Part 1 - General requirements

SIST EN 1526-1:2019/AC :2020

This document outlines the principles for extended application of test results on smoke control and fire resisting doorsets. The types of industrial and pedestrian doors, operable fabric curtains, and openable windows described in the Introduction when tested according to EN 1634-1 or EN 1634-3.

This document contains the general principles that should be used with EN 15269's relevant section depending on the product type being evaluated.


Guidelines and examples for environmental communication (ISO 14063 :2020).

SIST EN ISO 14063 - 2020

This document provides guidelines for organizations regarding general principles, policies, strategies, and activities in relation to internal and external environmental communications. This document uses well-tested communication methods, adaptable to environmental communication conditions.

It applies to all organizations, regardless of size, type, location or structure, as well as products and services and whether or not an environmental management system is in place.

You can use it in combination with any other ISO 14000 family standards or as a standalone.

2021-09-17 AM 1:41

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