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1 Year 2 Months Ago
Many applications will require that you uninstall an older version before you can download the latest version. Microsoft Office is different. You can still download MS Office 16 from www.office.com/setup even if MS Office 10 is already installed on your computer. You can have both versions of the software installed on your computer without any problems. Additionally, you can choose which version of your files to open. Both of these programs can be installed side-by-side on your computer system because they use different technologies. Office 2010 was installed using MSI technology. Office 2016 uses Click-To Run.


You are downloading the latest version of Office via office.com/setup and not upgrading the applications you have already downloaded. You will now have both office.com/setup versions on your computer. This can be a hassle for many as it will eat up a lot of space and cause confusion. You can uninstall Office 10 if you prefer the new version. This will free up disk space and not compromise on the functions and elements that Office 16 offers.


Here's how to remove Office 10 from your computer if you have decided to do so.
Click on Programs in your Control Panel.
Find Microsoft Office by going to Programs and Features.
Right-click on Office and select Uninstall.
To complete the uninstallation, follow the instructions on the screen.
You can also use the Microsoft Uninstall Support Tool.
Open the Office Uninstall Support tool and download it.
Select the Office version you want to uninstall in the next window.
Follow the on-screen instructions.
It is possible that you will be asked to restart the computer.
The tool will complete the uninstallation once the computer is launched.

2021-07-13 PM 9:26

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