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    Entry YearPublicationAuthor
    2009K. N. Yu, C. M. Lee,2009,Application of Sliding Fuzzy Control on Robust Algorithm for Frequency Estimation of Distorted Signals in Power Systems,WSEAS Transactions on Systems,11,8,pp1197-1209 (EI)Cheng-Ming Lee
    20082008,5,2,pp39-48 (其他)Yih Haw Jan
    20082008,46,pp203-210 (SCI)H.K. Teng
    20082008,25,11,pp2630-2635 (SCI)H.K. Teng
    20082008,47,36,pp6860-6870 (SCI)H.K. Teng
    20082008,51,pp167-177 (其他)Meng-Ju Chiang
    2008 (SCI)H.K.Teng
    2007Chiu-Chiao Chung, Hongchin Lin, Yen-Tai Lin,2007,A Multilevel Read and Verifying Scheme for Bi-NAND flash memories, IEEE J. Solid-State Circuits,42,5,pp1180-1188 (SCI)Chiu-Chiao Chung
    20072007,53,pp1895-1898 (SCI)Meng-Ju Chiang
    2007Kuo-Kuang Chen, Wen-Bin Lin, Chia-Chung Lin, Cheng-Ming Lee, Hsin-Hsiung Fan ,2007,A case study for soft switching interleaved buck converters ,JPEE,124,pp54-64 (其他)Cheng-Ming Lee
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