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2 Months 6 Days Ago
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2020-01-27 PM 10:00
grace edens
2 Months 6 Days Ago
 Technology is the fastest growing industry and has no sign of looking back anytime soon. Everything surrounding us is run by technology. There are many unexpected cities across the country, which are emerging as the new tech hubs in America. Enter office.com/setup Product Key


Emergence of cities as tech hubs


As San Francisco, New York City and Austin, Texas are thriving tech areas, many areas are still trying to establish themselves as tech hubs. These areas are called as tech hubs as most of their parts have a cheap cost of living and are major company hubs. And since, many big companies are government agencies and have a growing demand for tech skilled workers, more and more cities are attracting brilliant talents. This is how the not so known areas are succeeding in creating the space for themselves as tech hubs. Here is the list of cities emerging as the most promising Tech Hubs of America: Avg Activation Key avg.com/retail


Omaha, Nebraska


As per the reports by Smart Asset, Omaha was ranked as one of the best cities to work in tech. It is a city of many huge companies, including Berkshire, Hathaway, Conagra and Union Pacific. These are all big names and are definitely looking for a good amount of tech talents from across the country.


The reports by Smart Asset were prepared after evaluating some common factors, such as – number of tech workers working in the area, cost of living and the average wage of a tech worker versus the average wage of all workers working in the area. It definitely makes it one of the most promising cities to work in as a tech worker. Enter Mcafee Activation Code www.mcafee.com/dellactivation




Dallas city has been ranked as the fourth best city to work in by SmartAsset. It is emerging as a hotbed not only for tech workers, but also for tech based companies.


Before the recession, Dallas did not even have an industry and funds to invest. However, post-recession, Dallas emerged as one of the fastest growing tech hubs. The city witnessed the success in the tech industry with the help of three organizations that helped jump-start the entrepreneurship in the city. Three organizations boosting Dallas confidence in the tech world are – The Dallas Entrepreneur Center, The tech accelerator Tech Wildcatters and the accelerator VenturSpur.  Activate Webroot at Webroot.com/safe


Dallas acquired around 33 tech companies since 2012 and the state has 22 tech companies in the IPO Pipeline for 2015.


Washington, D.C.


Washington, D.C., the capital of United States of America is definitely the fastest growing markets in terms of deal growth for tech start-ups. From 2013 November to October 2014, the city has been on a tremendous growth in tech deals. It witnessed 65 percent of growth.


Washington stands at the ninth position in the list of top U.S. cities for tech start-up funding, while it ranks at the second position for the employment in the tech industry. Mcafee Livesafe Free Product Key www.mcafee.com/dellactivation




Miami has always been the favorite destination for beach lovers. It has also become the one for tech lovers. Miami has had seen a great success in the tech industry and has had 19 tech acquisitions since 2012. In the following years, Miami also succeeded in attracting about $49.4 million in venture funding over 11 deals. The reason for the success of Miami as one of the fastest growing tech hubs is its diverse population.


These are the list of top and the fastest growing US tech hubs. These cities were not so highlighted in the tech industry, but today, they have succeeded in making their names into the list of top US tech hubs. Enter Activation Code www.trendmicro.com/bestbuypc








2020-01-27 PM 3:54

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